“I competed in the sport of powerlifting for nearly 15 years.  I was always a good puller, but “natural ability” will only take you so far.  In April of 2008 I pulled 635 raw in just a belt in the 165 lb. weight class.  I was then stuck at that weight for two years.  We tried everything in terms of programming, but nothing seemed to build my deadlift.  This went on for two years until I began to work with Myles Kantor on biomechanics.  Myles really took my deadlift apart and then we built it back up from the ground level.  The result was that in April of 2010 I pulled 650 raw at 165 in just a belt; and in June of 2010 I pulled 655 raw at 165 in just a belt. [This was the top raw deadlift in the 165s from 2007 through 2011.] I owe a lot of this increase and this record to my biomechanics coach Myles Kantor.  His attention to detail and knowledge in disassembling and rebuilding my deadlift technique were second to none.  He has my recommendation for serious powerlifters the world over–without hesitation or reservation.”

Eric Talmant, founder of the Raw Unity Meet

“With Myles I’ve restructured my set-up, stance, grip, hip position, and back angle and it’s made all the difference in the world.  Myles has a keen eye and sees things that other coaches typically miss.  His attention to detail helped me recently hit an all-time beltless deadlift PR!”

Matt Gary, head coach for USAPL women’s world team and owner of Supreme Sports Performance & Training

“With your feedback, I’ve already made a minor adjustment which feels more comfortable and helps maintain the starting angle of my back. Thanks again!”

Nick Tylutki, three-time USAPL Men’s Nationals champion and 2004 NAPF North American champion

“Myles introduced me to the sport of powerlifting in January of 2009. Without a doubt he has played a very large role in my overall development as a powerlifter, but even more so with regard to my deadlift. I’ve had the pleasure of training with Myles both in person and online, and I can tell you his attention to the minutest detail of every pull is rare in the coaching world and quite staggering. As a new lifter, it was expected I’d make gains very quickly. However, after only four months training with Myles, I pulled a new USAPL Women’s 148lb class Raw American record at 253lbs. I broke that record again only three months later with a pull of 275.5 pounds, and that lift still stands today as the Florida State record. Today, my deadlift continues to increase as a result of Myles’ ongoing support and coaching.  My last pull of 325 in January 2011 ranks me in the top 20 raw 148’s of 2011 and the top 50 of all time.  Without a doubt, I would not have made such progress without Myles and his knowledge in the mechanics of this lift, how to reduce even the smallest of inefficiencies, and most importantly, his ability to effectively communicate all of this in a way that resonates with me and each individual he coaches. ”

Cathy Cox

“Working with Myles Kantor was one of the best decisions I made in powerlifting. At first I was not sure how online training would work, but from the very beginning Myles was instrumental in making big changes in my form in the deadlift. His review of my training videos was very thorough, and no small detail slipped his attention.  If you are in need of help to correct some form issues, Myles is just the person to contact.”

Joann Andrews, top 40 lifter in the 148 lb. weight class, Powerlifting Watch All-Time Raw Rankings


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